Quality Tests

We put the reliability as the first characteristic of our product. Enthalpy Power put products under test using world class test equipment. The products will go through serve test to be with world class quality.

high temp test

High Temperature Test

The  Charger is able to work full power under 85℃ degree for 2 hours

low temp test

Low Temperature Test

The  Charger is able to work full power under -20℃  for 2 hours. And the product is able to work normally while put under -30 ℃ for 4 hours

vibration test

Vibration Test

The  charger is able to work full power under severe vibration like condition on the car.

water imersion test

Water Proof Test

The  Charger is put under 1 meter water under the requirement of IP67, and there is no leak and work normally.

Conversion rate test

Power Conversion Rate Test

The power conversion rate of the charger is required to be over 93%.

DC precision test

DC Precision Test

The voltage and current of DC output is tested. The max voltage deviation is 0.3%, better than QA standard of 1%. The max current deviation is 4.4%, better than QA standard 5%.

AC dropdown test

AC Power Drop Test

The charger is supposed to work normally when the input voltage drop suddenly.

EMC test

EMC test

The charged do not emit serve electromagnetic signals influence other devices.